Moving your property sale from contract to closing requires hundreds of tasks. That’s an enormous load of work and critical details to be effectively managed. Our partners of professionals work collaboratively across the region, each giving us their 100% attention with their area of expertise. Together, we handle the entire process, so you can relax, knowing every detail is taken care of and we are well surrounded to manage the process of selling your property. That is the power of having business partners and strong industry leaders in our network.

Step 1: Get your affairs (and house) in order
Step 2: We evaluate you house
Step 3: Calculate your equity
Step 4: We align the property informations and our partners advices for market positioning
Step 5: Adam evaluates the best strategy to sale top dollar
Step 6: Set a price for the home
Step 7: Prepare your home for the market: Staging and Photos

Step 8: Market and show the home to attract an offer with our marketing key strategies
Step 9: Complete steps to closing
Step 10: Sign the final paperwork and move out


Karma Photo was born in 2010, from a common desire to live their couple’s passion. In 2013, after a few years of hard work, they finally made the jump and now work full time within their photography company.

They are true artists! High-quality video, photos and virtual tours are produced by the team specialist to highlight your property’s best features and attract the home buyers who search online. Your online listing will really pop!

 Almost 100% of buyers view properties via the Internet before traveling to visit physically. The quality of the photos or videos plays a crucial role in marketing and selling a property.

That’s why all the properties offered for sale by the ADAM KOUBI are taken with professional equipment of the highest quality.


We meet leaders and network with key organizations to follow the trends and connect with the right people. We also attend all luxury events and networks in Canada & internationally to publicize with the right entourage. We work proactively to advertise the properties to neighbours, family and their coworkers.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. The look and feel of your property will have a direct effect on selling fast and for top dollar. Presentation is key! That’s why we team up with professional stagers to optimize the presentation of the furnished properties we have for sale.

Our publicities on social media reach a targeted pool of over 100 000 users per month. Our Instagram helps us reach more than 10 000 users a month in Canada, the USA, and Europe. ADAMKOUBI.com attracts more than 1000 per month. ADAM GROUP Database and his office reach more than 15 000 contacts in the network.

For the majority of people, social media is now an integral part of everyday life. It has become one of the most important sources for leads and serious customers. People do not necessarily use social media to buy properties, but we know that property buyers are on social media and are watching our feed.

We have a captive audience of more than 15,000 people following us on our social media platforms. Our social media strategies allow us to find hundreds of buyers and investors every month!

Prospecting buyers and investors is at the heart of our day-to-day activities. We are not the type of brokers to wait for buyers or investors to call us; we are constantly doing sales activities (calling, door to door, mailing, e-mailing and others) in order to search and find buyers for our properties for sale.

We use recent market statistics and accumulated data to keep you abreast of trends or changes that may affect the sale strategy of your property. We keep a constant eye on new properties added to the market, new sales, properties that expire (have not sold) in order to ensure we have the right strategy to sell the properties we have for sale. We give weekly reports to all our sellers in order to inform them about the activities generated for their property (number of visits via the various advertisements, comments and feedback of visits etc…).